Monday, December 14, 2009

Do you still hear Santa's bell?

The simple excitement and wonder in a child's eyes!!! Kate looking into one of the huts at the Polar Express train that has different electronic elves making toys...she loved it. She wanted to go into it so badly...
Kate requested for me to take this picture with Frosty!!! She LOVED it!!!

Our family getting off of the Polar Express!

Kate is soooo blessed to have her daddy. He sure does love her!!!

All Aboard....

Santa even made an appearance on the train ride. And the girls were ecstatic, to say the least!
The 3 little girls looking out the train window looking for Santa!

Kate and Riley sharing a seat on the train!!! I just LOVE watching them together! They are such sweet friends!! I hope and pray they stay close all their life!

Kate watching for Santa and his sleigh.....

Kate and Gracey! Another one of Kate's dear friends. I never thought that my 2 year old would have such close, sweet friends....what a blessing. It is the number one thing I pray for in Kate's life (well, besides for her salvation) is that she would always have good, close friendships that will build her up and also be a good influence on her walk with the Lord!!! God is already showing His ways....:)

All Aboard.....The Polar Express!

Kate with her daddy! She may not appreciate him now, but later in life, when she see's that her daddy sat through this show for her, she will have a whole new found love for him!!!
Who is more excited to be at the North Pole Express?

The was sooo cute! All the kids got to run up there and sing "Jingle Bells"! Kate and Riley took off towards the stage without even thinking of us parents!!! And Gracey was already up there standing in position!!

The 3 precious little girls: Gracey, Kate and Riley! They just LOVE eachother! We are sooo blessed to have such special friends! Look at those faces! Pure joy!!!

This is how they stood the whole time! Each on there own chair clapping, shouting, and singing Christmas carols!!! LOVE IT!!!! If we could just bottle up this moment in time and freeze them from NOT getting any older, I'd totally buy it!!!

RED is the new pink

Kate checking out her Elf on the he was spotted hanging from the china cabinet!!! She likes to talk to him and it is sooo fun to wake up every morning to go hunting for him!!!

All dressed up in her special Christmas outfit that Boppy got for her to wear for Christmas in Chicago!!! But we had to wear it early so she could get more use out of it! We were getting ready for our church's christmas musical this morning and then we were heading to The North Pole Express Train!!! So Kate was ALL SMILES!!!!

She was showing me the Christmas ornament from the tree, even though she is not allowed to touch them. I guess she was taking advantage of the fact that I was too busy behind the camera to really get after her!!!

And it really ended up being a cute picture of her with it!!

My pretty little girl!

We LOVE birthday parties....

Kate getting some assistance at a friends gymnastics birthday party! Although, I think she was thinking "why are you holding onto me? I do this by myself"!!
The zip line! Again, I think she really wanted to have the "helpers" let go of her so she could go fast!!!

Our little monkey! She even yelled over to where Dave was sitting amd said "Daddy, look at Tate! I a monkey"!!! (she always refers to herself as Tate!!!)

She kept trying to cut in front of other kids to get a turn on this rope. I had to keep telling her that she has to wait until it's her turn!!! So when it finally was her turn, she ran up there and practically climbed up the rope herself!

Santa Clause is coming to town....

Well, it's official, Kate is smitten for an older man....and it's not daddy! She just lights up whenever she sees or hears of Santa! We took her Friday night to see Santa and the whole time we were in line, she kept yelling over the railing saying "HI SANTA. I COMING". Not one part of her was hesitant or scared. I keep waiting every year for her to be at the age of screaming or crying at the sight of a scary, big bearded man...but, nope! Not Kate. She is fearless!!!

She ran right up to him and jumped in his lap without Dave and I even getting a second to help her! It was pretty cool, they let us take our own pictures after they took a shot! So that is why Kate is not smiling in this one! I think she was a little confused as to why we were taking soo many pictures. She just wanted to talk to the Big Man and tell him what she wanted: PRESENTS! Thanks Kate, that really narrows it down!

I love that she is holding Santa's finger! She is still talking about sitting on Santa's lap!

Kate's first bowling experience in Midland! She loved it. She was walking around carrying this bowling ball all by herself!

Kate and mommy....she really looks nothing like me, does she??? How sad! Well, I guess it's a good thing, cause she is sooo cute! :)

A new creation....

So I have always wanted to learn how to sew and make these cute little dresses that my neighbor makes. So my other neighbor and I finally attempted at it...and ta-da!!! This is it! We were quite impressed with ourselves. So now there will be more to come!
I just loved this fabric and saw it last year and never got this year, I bought it early and we spent 3 nights working on it and it turned out really cute. I already bought some more fabric to make another spring dress!

Now let's all pray that it will actually hold up with a very active 2 year old wearing it!!!

Kate posing by her little pink tree in her room!

My baby girl (well, I guess she's not much of a baby anymore!!!)

Our little hat girl

Kate's new fashion statement lately has been her new knit hat. Thanks to a friend who came and stayed at our house a couple weeks ago and brought Kate her first brown hat, we quickly fell in love with it and I ended up buying her a white one too!

Here we are eating lunch after church with some great friends!

She is also wearing her special Christmas outfit from Boppy!

Too busy eating to look at the camera!

Ah, there we go!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Congratulations Patrick and Rene'!

Our Christmas Card Picture!!! LOL
I just could eat this little girl up!!! Who would have ever known that you could have this much love for a little person!?!?! Isn't being a parent THE BEST!!!!
YAY!!!! Congratulations and have fun in New Zealand!!!
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Blessed by friends!

All of the Tridelts that were at the wedding! Love my tridelt sisters! I only wish we saw eachother more!
My best friend and potluck college roomate!
My parents giving Rene' a kiss...I have the same picture from my wedding with her parents kissing me!
My handsome groom!
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Making new friends...

Kate and Rene's little niece, Emma are 3 weeks apart and they loved dancing together! They sure are cute little girls!

Crazy little dancer....I have never been to a wedding with sooo many little kids! It was a blast! They all had sooo much fun!!

And of course, Kate found a "baby" and just had to "hold" her!!! She LOVES babies! She will be such a good big sister!!!
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