Friday, January 29, 2010

It's soo hard to be a model!

The other day I was goofing around with my new camera and told Kate to go hug the tree, and she just kept hugging the tree! She was such a natural....she loves getting pictures of herself!!!
The serious pose!

My favorite! I just love her blue eyes! Having brown eyes myself, I always wished that I had blue eyes...never thinking that one day I would have a blue eyed little girl!!!!

Santa Clause came to town...I just forgot to post it!

Kate LOVED Santa. This picture she wasn't smiling, but the picture that they got at the mall was of a very big smile! But she ran right up to him and climbed in his lap before Dave and I could even get to her!
And when Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she replied "presents"! Duh!!!

Going bowling for the first time on a trip to Midland! Kate had a blast!

My first shot at making a dress for Kate! Now I am going to be making many more!

Our little family! Celebrating Christmas a week early with the in-laws before we left for Chicago!

Chicago Christmas

We had a great time in Chicago with my family this Christmas. We were lucky to be hit with a huge snow storm while we were there, so we had a lot of opportunities to play in the snow!

Kate looking a bit chilly in this picture!
Daddy and Kate going sledding.

Kate just LOVED the snow...she's my kind of kid!!!

Our little snow bunny!