Thursday, October 29, 2009

My favorite little pumpkin!

I took Kate yesterday to a little local pumpkin patch so we could pick out some littel pumpkins to color and carve. Kate had a great time just getting out of the house and running all over the place.
By the end of the trip, we had about 20 pumpkins piled into the stroller that she wanted to buy! I finally convinced her that we only need a "mommy, daddy and baby pumpkin"!!! That worked!!!
True Cowgirl at heart!!!
3 Pumpkins: $4
Pumpkin Spice Latte: $5
Special Halloween dress: $30
Kate's laughter and smile: PRICELESS!!!!
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Barnyard animal....oh no, that's just Kate!

Kate saw this barn and ran up to it yelling "Where horsies? Where horsies?" And then she even looked behind the barn expecting to find horses....
Happy Fall Y'all!!!
Growing like a weed, or sunflower!!!!
Here she is again patting her wart-infested pumpkin!!!
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So many pumpkins, so little time...

Kate decided to treat these 2 pumpkins like her babies. She was patting them and saying "SHHH". She is such a little mommy!!
Okay, so I have to give a little disclaimer on these photos! Thanks to my mom, she happily informed me that there is a pumpkin in this picture that looks a bit skeptical? Yes, look at it closely...I promise I didn't even notice it until my mother tells me about it. I am pretty sure some teenager was thinking this would be pretty funny for all these cute little kids taking pictures on this bench with this particular pumpkin!
But look at that cute innocent!!!
Love this little pumpkin more than anything in this world....
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Kate playing at the lake

Last weekend we went up to Nonnie and Nannad's lake house at Possum Kingdom. Kate loved playing down by the lake and throwing rocks and sticks into the water. It was a beautiful day and a fun weekend.
Kate throwing her first pitch! With her pants saggy and all!
Looking for the perfect stick to throw....she was deep in thought!
Mmmm, do you think I can walk right into the lake without mommy noticing?
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look who's two...

Kate decided to pick the number 2 up instead of keeping it on the fitting for a 2 year old!
She was having a blast getting pictures taken. She started laughing hystarically and was covering her mouth up laughing so hard....we were all rolling on the floor when she did this....
Such a ham!!!! I love this picture, cause it looks like she is belting out a high note!!! Maybe she'll be a singer too one day?!?!
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2 year pictures

For Kate's birthday party in November, we are doing a Poodles in Paris I thought it would be fitting to get pictures of Kate and Abby (my mother-in-laws poodle)....

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It's my party, and I'll GO TO SCHOOL if I want to!!!

Well, here is Kate showing me the pretty streamers on her door! And she HAD to go get her baby to be in the picture too! She even positioned the baby front and center for the picture....she's such a girl!!!
Cheese, baby!!! She LOVES her baby dolls!
Last picture before we go to school and share our special birthday cookies!
Later that night, we met Dave's parents at Dave and Busters for a birthday dinner for Kate. She had a blast eating, blowing out more candles, and playing games.....what a fun day for a 2 year old!!!
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Birthday Breakfast

Kate is pointing to her birthday candles....she was really excited to blow out her candles...
I decided to make cinnamon rolls for her special birthday breakfast, since she had never had that before (again, because I don't like to feed her bad food)!!! And we put 2 pink candles in it for her to blow out! She was fascinated!!!
And then, after she blew the candles out, she tried putting the candle back into the cinnamon roll to repeat the whole thing!!! She SOOOO knew that this was HER special day!!!

Mommy and Kate enjoying our breakfast!
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Goodnight 1 year old, goodmorning 2 year old!

After Kate went to bed, I decorated her door with pink streamers. It was so cute the next morning when she woke up, she saw the streamers right away and said "Uh, what dat mommy?"
Last picture of her as a 1 year old!!!
I also decorated her high chair like a royal throne....
Here she is the morning of her birthday. She was soooo excited to see her chair like this.
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Present time!!!

Daddy actually went out by himself and bought Kate a special birthday present from the two of us....and he did a GREAT job. I wrapped it up in Princess paper. And before Kate went to bed the night BEFORE her birthday, we let her open it up!!!!
"No, Kate do it!!!" That is her new favorite saying!!! A very independent girl!
WOW!!!! What did you get? Her very own Princess Tea Cart!
Thank you mommy and daddy! Can I go play with it now?
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Baking birthday cookies...

Kate and I made special birthday cookies for her to bring to her Mother's Day Out on her birthday! She was very proud of them!!! And I don't think she has EVER eaten more sugar in all her life....(I am VERY particular as to what she eats....I really don't like her eating food like this, but it was her birthday, so I couldn't resist!)
She LOVED the pink icing!

And she even helped me clean up the mess afterwards!!! Well, sort of! lol She LOVES playing in the sink. I am sure this won't last for long, right girls!!!???
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