Thursday, March 27, 2008

I love being a girl!

Mommy says that she wants to send this picture in for the cutest baby contest! Oh brother! Are all mommy's this obsessed with their babies? I mean, seriously, this is so NOT professional picture. I have my finger in my mouth! Which by the way, is the greatest invention EVER! Jesus must have known that when you start getting teeth, fingers are the best teethers!
I can also sit up by myself now! I still sometimes fall over when I start loosing my balance, but that's why mommy will always stay close by just in case I topple over!
This was a trick! Mommy put me in my crib and I thought that I had to go to bed....but luckily it was just for a picture opportunity! Phew! I wasn't ready to take a nap yet!
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Yea! Mommy and Daddy dedicated me to Jesus!

Well, it's official! Mommy and daddy promised in front of everyone to raise me to love and follow Jesus! I was super excited. I love Jesus and I will definitely be a good girl for Jesus! Mommy and I went shopping and bought this special outfit for me to wear for church that day. It was a fun day. After everyone prayed for me, they sang my favorite song: "Jesus Loves the Little Children". I got really happy to hear my song!
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I am 5 months old now!

Well, mommy has been really bad at updating all my adorable outfits each and every day. So I finally put my feet down and demanded that she share with everyone my favorite outfit! I am actually about to turn 6 months old pretty soon, but this picture was taken on my 5 month birthday! I am having tons of fun. I can roll over like it's no big deal. I now eat yummy sweet potatoes, carrots and peas (and they are sooooo good cause momma makes 'em)! My gums are really hurting me too now! Mommy says that it's because my teeth are coming in. I don't want teeth if it hurts like this! But everyday is something new. Momma and I are best of friends and we love to go shopping together and eat lunch at fun restaraunts!
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