Monday, December 14, 2009

Do you still hear Santa's bell?

The simple excitement and wonder in a child's eyes!!! Kate looking into one of the huts at the Polar Express train that has different electronic elves making toys...she loved it. She wanted to go into it so badly...
Kate requested for me to take this picture with Frosty!!! She LOVED it!!!

Our family getting off of the Polar Express!

Kate is soooo blessed to have her daddy. He sure does love her!!!


Momma Bean said...

SO fun to read through all the new posts! Isn't Christmas with little ones the best.

Riley Kai said...

I'm loving the pic of the 3 of you! So cute! You would almost think Dave was enjoying himself;-)

Twins Squared said...

Tara I am just looking at all these photos and memories and Kate is just a total doll! And I think you have been so blessed with a child who is so happy and fun (and easy to potty train!!) just like her mom! (Minus the potty train part). She is precious and I for some reason can just see and hear her doing all these cute little things. You and Dave are blessed!

I like too what you said about praying for her friendships, etc. I don't really think to pray for that, maybe cuz they're twins but what an important thing to pray for. Thanks for mentioning it.

Merry Christmas! Loved your card!