Monday, December 14, 2009

All Aboard.....The Polar Express!

Kate with her daddy! She may not appreciate him now, but later in life, when she see's that her daddy sat through this show for her, she will have a whole new found love for him!!!
Who is more excited to be at the North Pole Express?

The was sooo cute! All the kids got to run up there and sing "Jingle Bells"! Kate and Riley took off towards the stage without even thinking of us parents!!! And Gracey was already up there standing in position!!

The 3 precious little girls: Gracey, Kate and Riley! They just LOVE eachother! We are sooo blessed to have such special friends! Look at those faces! Pure joy!!!

This is how they stood the whole time! Each on there own chair clapping, shouting, and singing Christmas carols!!! LOVE IT!!!! If we could just bottle up this moment in time and freeze them from NOT getting any older, I'd totally buy it!!!

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Riley Kai said...

Me too! I loved how Kate and Riley were dancing on stage and Gracey stood perfectly and smiled and sang! Such their personalities! They had a blast!