Friday, December 26, 2008

We can't leave out Emma!

Kate's best friend, Emma! We sure do love our "Memma" ( as Kate puts it!)
Daddy and his 2 girls!!!
Kate hiding behind the tree!
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Kate's special Christmas dress!

Our wonderful neighbor made Kate this special Christmas dress for her to wear! It was adorable on her and so classy! She loves wearing these dresses!
Deep in thought!
Daddy and Kate overwhelmed with presents!
Daddy's little girl! Aren't they cute? I love them both sooo much!!!
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Enjoying the moment!

Santa brought Kate 3 Princess cell phones!! What a lucky little girl! She LOVES talking on the phone! I think we may have our hands full later on!!
Mommy made a yummy Christmas morning breakfast: Egg Sausage Souffle'! Kate loved it! But then again, what doesn't she love to eat!?
After our bath, Kate got to open ALL her gifts from Boppy and Popa! She loved all of her toys!
Daddy reading to Kate one of her new books from Boppy and Popa!
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Christmas Morning

"HO HO HO"!!! Kate loves anything with Santa on it! Anytime she sees Santa, she says "HO HO HO"!! She was super happy the morning she woke up for Christmas! Almost like she knew what today was!
Santa brought her a little puppy to pull around! She loved it!
WOWY!!! Look at all the presents!
Mommy and Kate rockin the "morning look"!! Opening our stockings!
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The night before Christmas, and all through the house....

Mommy and daddy on Christmas Eve!
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!
The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care....
In hope that St. Nick would soon be there!
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Family shots!

Kate loves her Auntie ALaina! Auntie Alaina plays with her all sorts of games and dolls and tea party!!!! They are very good friends!
And Kate is finally starting to like Uncle Daniel! It took her a while to warm up to him. I think the facial hair always scares her for some reason. But they are buds now!
Kate and her Aunt BeBe!!! I think Kate takes after her Aunt BeBe in regards to her "animal loving"!! They share a common bond!
Matt, Jessie, Ni'na, James and Mike! The Lewis Clan!
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Gearing up for the Christmas festivities

Kate and I met my dear college roommate and friend, Abigail, for breakfast a couple days before Christmas! We had a great time visiting with her and playing!!! Kate loved Abigail's sparkley sweater! But Kate was also VERY tired since we missed her morning nap so we could see Abigail while she was in town! I just love my friends! I hope and pray that Kate is blessed with as many great friends as I have been!
Our dining room table set up for Christmas Eve! I made a whole bunch of cookies and punch for everyone to munch on....and then later that night, Dave's family tradition on Christmas EVe is to order pizza and play games. We had a great time!
More pictures of the table!
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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My special Christmas outfit!

Our neighbor made me this cute outfit for me to wear during the holiday season. I had fun wearing it around the house and then we went to see Santa and to get a picture with him. It was really fun...and really cold!!!
The back. I love the "Santa" sleeves and furry stuff on the bottom of my jeans.
Okay, let's go meet Santa now.
At Southlake Townsquare shopping and meeting Santa. The Santa picture will be coming soon....
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The fun day on Thanksgiving

A close up of me on Thanksgiving. Mommy is always saying that she loves my blue eyes....I think it's because she has brown eyes and always wanted blue eyes! That's my guess.
Daddy, look at this cool toy. Do you want to play with it too? I'll share with you.
Playing on my horsey. I love my rocking horse.

Even Mammoo and PawPaw came over the eat some turkey.
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Yummy Turkey

I loved eating all of the food on Thanksgiving. It was yummy!!
See all of the food on my tray? And I ate it ALL!
Some cuddle time with Nonnie
Look Nonnie. This is my IPOD! Aren't I cool!?
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