Friday, June 26, 2009

Givin mommy and daddy some love!

A sweet picture of my little girl and me on Mother's Day!
Complete opposite eye's!!! Except for the shape, of course!
Daddy and his princess!
The 2 loves of my life!
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Summer flirting

More kisses for Jackson! Kate and Jackson are so sweet together! And we have been able to go swimming together quite a bit this summer!
Some good-looking kiddos right here!
Driving in the pool! Oh boy! Watch out!
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Summer Flower!

Kate's new summer dress made for her by her awesome neighbor!
Getting ready to go to a summer party! Gettin her shoes on!
Chillin on the swing with her baby!
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Kate and her new best friend!

Two precious little girls, Kate Embry and Riley Kai! Both of their daddy's grew up as best friends since they were in 5th grade, and now they both have little girls within 6 months of eachother. And we are so blessed to get to have the girls grow up as friends now!
Silly girls! What are you two doing IN the toybox? Oh well, they are way too cute to get mad at!
This is how they drove in the backseat! Without our doing, we looked in the back while we were driving and they both were holding hands! SOOOOO precious! I could eat them up!
While Riley was visiting us, we went to a cool new place near our house called Doogoland and let the girls play! It is basically a "make-believe world with different rooms set up as real world situations. Like in this picture, they were shopping at the grocery store! Riley was in charge of picking out the food, and Kate pushed the cart! They played so well together!
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Summer Fun is all about icecream!

So this summer, we have a new swingset that daddy put up and that we are having a BLAST playing on!! Except one thing, mommy has Northern blood!!! It is WAYYYYYY TOOOOOO HOTTTTT here! So what else do you eat when you want to stay cool? ICECREAM, and LOTS of it! So this has become our norm lately! We play hard, and then strip down to our swimsuit and enjoy a nice, cold icecream cone! Kate LOVES it!!
Her little face! She has yet to actually finish her icecream cone. It is just too hot that her icecream melts before she can eat it all!
Another day, Another icecream cone!!!
Modeling her icecream pose!
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On our way to school

The only bag that she can actually carry!!! Ready to try out this new phase of our life!
Here she looks like she is waiting for the bus!! But don't worry, I drove her!!! haha
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My big girl is now going to school....well, Mother's Day Out!!!

My little baby is getting bigger! She is now going to Mother's Day Out every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am till 2pm! It has been great for both mom and daughter!!! I miss her, but I am also enjoying a little bit more time to myself! Even though I am picking up extra shifts at work!

"Mommy! Do you really think I can carry ALL of these bags by myself to school?"
She has her lunch box, backpack, and nap-mat! I ordered this custom nap-mat off the internet, and I LOVE it!!! It is awesome! And supposedly Kate loves it too, because she is the best sleeper at nap time! The teachers were telling me that she is a big sleeper! I'm so proud!
Love her excitement in this picture! She was sooo excited to go to school! When we got to the classroom, there were already a few boys there crying, but she ran right to the toys and brought them to the boys crying trying to share with them and tell them "HI"!!! Such a little extravert!
I don't really know why she decided to do the splits, but she did! She looks like a little teenager in this picture!
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