Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Such a DIVA

Cool baby! Such the little DIVA!
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more pics of the princess

I needed to take a break and have some cuddle time with mommy.
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Princess Kate

Mommy took me to a picture-man's house the other day to take pictures of me for my first birthday coming up! It was really fun. It got a little boring after the first 30 minutes, but I still let them take my pictures. I was really tired afterwards though. I fell asleep right away in the car. It's hard work being a Princess!
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Kate is ONE (well, almost)

What is this? It's so pretty.
Maybe I will be Miss America one day!
Or maybe I'll be an athlete instead!!

but this is REALLY cool, I must say.
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Monday, September 8, 2008

More TuTu pictures

Just chillin on the floor before going to get my one year old pictures.
Hi momma. How does this remote thing work?
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

TuTu cute

This was so fun playing with just my tutu on! I like to get down and dirty, but I also like to be all girly at times too! I guess you can say I'm a well-rounded girl!
Oopsy! The new challenges of walking: falling down! But I don't mind. It's fun to fall down on my bum....luckily I have a nice padded diaper to protect it!

Yea!!! Emma is here to play!!! I love playing with her. She is so soft and fun to grab!
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Jackson and Kate

I have a new boyfriend. His name is Jackson. He's an older man for me, but he gave me some of his icecream and my heart was forever his!
He is so handsome. He is the son of mommy's good friend from nursing school. I hope to play with him more. I especially like eating with him because he feeds me yummy food!
And he takes care of me really well. I think we definitely have a future together!!!
I love you, Jackson Davis!
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Kate taking Emma for a walk!

Here we are at the park. Mommy and I go to the park almost every day and walk. And then I get to go swinging. It is so much fun. And Emma especially loves the walk.
I get to hold Emma's leash. It's my job! I don't want her to run away, so I make sure she stays very close to my stroller!
What a life! It doesn't get much better than this.
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Disney World, Here we come!

Mommy is taking me to Disney World in a few weeks, so she decided to bring me to the Disney store to start learning all about the characters I will be meeting when I'm in Florida!!! It was Heaven!!! I didn't know where to begin!
I wish we could leave tomorrow for Disney World. I know that I am going to have a blast! So who is this guy right here? "POOH"??? That's a wierd name for a bear.

So many toys to play with and throw on the ground. My goal was to throw all of the animals onto the ground, but it was just an impossible feat!
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I'm gonna get it!

I am learning how to get the things that I want even if it means standing on my tippy toes! I am getting taller so it is so fun to see new things that I never knew existed before. I get told "NO" a lot, but I don't let that stop me!!!

Don't I look like a big girl in this outfit. My Boppy bought it for me and I love it!
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