Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm going to Disney World!!

All ready to fly to Florida! I think Kate had the best seat on the plane! She looked so nice and cozy!
Orlando does things right. As soon as you get off of the plane, they have this giant Mickey Mouse to meet you. I think Kate thought that the airport was Disney World! She was soooo excited!
Holding Mickey's hand!
Going to Disney Marketplace for some dinner and shopping. And along the way, we ran into CInderella!
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Here we come, Sea World

Outside our condo entrance for a quick family picture. About to go to Sea World!
Daddy and Kate ready to go into the park!
Getting a quick picture with my girl!
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Who knew Sting Rays could be this cool

Kate got to touch a whole bunch of sting rays and loved it! As you can see in this picture! She was beyond excited! She was screaming with laughter.
No fear on her! Wish I could say the same...I was afraid that she would jump into the water with the sting rays!
Kate with a penguin
and dolphin.
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Sea World was so much fun

Daddy and Kate waiting in the "soak zone" of the Shamu show, Believe. It was so neat to see these huge animals up close and personal.
Kate playing in the sand at a huge sand pit at Sea World

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Goofing around

Daddy and Kate goofing around in the condo
Mommy and Kate ready to go to the pool!
Outside our condo. It was absolutely beautiful!
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Swimming balleriena

Kate with her horsey floaty
Testing the water
She was so tired after swimming all morning that she took a 2 hour nap just like this beside the pool.

Sleeping Beauty
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TuTu cute

The cute little bathing beauties ready to go swimming
Riley trying to give Kate some kisses
They spent the whole week doing this....they would hug eachother until they would fall down.
Daddy's with their girls in the pool!
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All Dolled Up

Kate all ready to go meet Cinderella.
She was super excited, even though it looked like she was more interested with what was on tv.....
Kate and Riley ready for a fun evening
Daddy and Kate taking the tram to the monorail
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The Grand Floridian

Dave, Kate and me at the entrance of The Grand Floridian ready to go eat dinner with Cinderella!
Daddy and Kate walking together. So sweet.
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best buds stick together

Kate having a quiet moment reflecting on meeting Cinderella
The two girls looking for Tinkerbell in the bushes
They were inseparable the whole trip....
they love eachother
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Move Over Cinderella

And the magical moment we were waiting for: meeting Cinderella! Kate was awestruck
The sweet hug of the Princess
The evil step-sister
And the evil step-mother. She liked Kate's dress!
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