Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dave's daughter!

The spitting image of Daddy!!! When I saw this in the sonogram, I couldn't believe my eyes! It was as though I was looking at Dave while he slept. It was such a special moment to see my husband in our unborn daughters face. Alghough I must say, I think I see a lot of me in the other photos of her. But this one in particular is 100% her daddy! It will be fun to compare a picture of Kate after she is born with all of these 4D pictures! It is truly a miracle to create another human being. How does anybody look at these photos and say that there is not a GOD! We have such an awesome and creative God!

Uncle Dave and his side-kick!

My family all met in Disney World for Thanksgiving 2006! Here, Dave and our littlest niece, Heidi, posed for a goofy photo. Heidi has formed an inseparable bond with her Uncle Dave!!! She LOVES him! We went to Chicago a couple weeks ago, and Heidi would only go to Uncle Dave (my feelings were a little hurt, but boy did it make Dave feel great!) Heidi actually pushed me away from Dave while he was cuddling with her. I heard Dave say MANY times "I'm ready for Kate to be here"!!!!

What a HOTTIE!! hunky husband!!! Here we are on the beach of Cabo San Lucas! (you didn't honestly think that I was going to put a picture of me pregnant in a swimsuit on the beach?? Did you??haha) We want to go back there next year with Kate. We basically hung out at the poolside the whole time just relaxing. I felt bad, because Dave wanted to do much more adventurous things, but I was pretty much out of commission!

Our current baby!!

Well, this is our current baby girl, Emma Grace! She will soon have to share the spotlight with Kate Embry come this October! We have had Emma for almost 3 years. She is such a great and sweet golden retriever. She LOVES kids and babies, so I think she will adapt very well with the new baby. As you can see in this picture, she is very studious!!!