Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Congratulations Patrick and Rene'!

Our Christmas Card Picture!!! LOL
I just could eat this little girl up!!! Who would have ever known that you could have this much love for a little person!?!?! Isn't being a parent THE BEST!!!!
YAY!!!! Congratulations and have fun in New Zealand!!!
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Riley Kai said...

That should be your Christmas card! It's such a great pic of all 3 of you!!! Kates dress is amazing and I have to say I think purple may be her color:-)

Kelly said...

Hey Girl! To answer your question/ comment...I will say, in regards to potty training, that we are still working on it. He has about 1 accident a day and it varies what it is. He's consistently going #2 which I feel is a TOTAL victory. I still have to set him on the potty and stay with him every time (kind of hard while I'm working) but he's largely quit telling me he has to go when he doesn't. WAY more than you wanted to know but this has been a HUGE deal in our house as I'm sure it has been in yours. Just another thing I have to remember to thank my mom for doing for me!!!!