Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mommy and Daddy!

We went to Waco last night to have dinner with a friend and then hung out at my best friends, Rene's house. We had a lot of fun. We finally got some pictures of Dave and I together. We have 3 more weeks until my due date. However, I am betting on Kate being overdue. Dave's 27th birthday is October 17th, so he wants her to come on his birthday. I had my midwife appointment yesterday and everything is looking great. Kate's heartbeat was 144 bpm. She is still VERY high. It seems as though she is perfectly happy to "cook" a little bit longer. I was excited to find out that I actually lost 2 pounds from the week before. But we're just hangin out and waiting for any sign of a baby!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9 Months pregnant!!!

Yea!!! I am now on my 9th and final month of pregnancy! I am soooo excited. I have had a rough last 2 weeks. It all started with an unfriendly bladder infection. I was taking antibiotics for that and it was just about healed when I then received a bad cold! My cold almost felt like bronchitis. I coughed sooooo much for a full week. Due to my severe coughing, I then ended up fracturing a rib. It has been a long two weeks and for that, I am now VERY ready to be done with pregnancy and have Kate in our arms!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Growing friends!!

This first picture was taken a few months ago at my friends baby shower. The next picture was then taken at my baby shower a couple weeks ago. We were all nursing school friends and roommates! Once Kate is born, we will take a third picture of all three kiddos! Kate is very lucky! She has 2 handsome boys to pick from! It's fun to compare stories with these girls! Natalie is a labor and delivery nurse, Jule is a NICU nurse, and I am a newborn nursery nurse! We basically cover it all!