Monday, December 14, 2009

All Aboard....

Santa even made an appearance on the train ride. And the girls were ecstatic, to say the least!
The 3 little girls looking out the train window looking for Santa!

Kate and Riley sharing a seat on the train!!! I just LOVE watching them together! They are such sweet friends!! I hope and pray they stay close all their life!

Kate watching for Santa and his sleigh.....

Kate and Gracey! Another one of Kate's dear friends. I never thought that my 2 year old would have such close, sweet friends....what a blessing. It is the number one thing I pray for in Kate's life (well, besides for her salvation) is that she would always have good, close friendships that will build her up and also be a good influence on her walk with the Lord!!! God is already showing His ways....:)

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Riley Kai said...

What a sweet picture of Gracey! I never could get hyer to look at my camera! Those 3 are going to be a good combo!