Thursday, November 29, 2007

My first Thanksgiving!

I had so much fun on Thanksgiving! I was held the WHOLE day. I don't really know who all held me, but it was stilll great. It actually snowed and mommy and daddy took me outside so I could see it for the first time. It was so pretty. Momma said that I'll be seeing a lot more snow in a couple more weeks when we go to Chicago! I can't wait.

You're hilarious, daddy!

I am in love with a man! Momma said that he is my daddy! I don't know what a "daddy" really is, but he makes me laugh. He makes such funny noises that I just can't seem to not smile. I don't know where he goes during the day, but I never see him until at nighttime. But when I see him, I get soooo excited I just can't contain myself.

All because two people fell in love.....

Mommy is sooo funny. She can't seem to put that "flashing" thing away. She does some wierd things with me. I don't really know why she put her and daddy's rings on my toes, but oh well! What can I do, I can't even speak yet! So I guess I just have to go along with it!

Big girl!

I am such a big girl now! I love to smile and laugh at momma and daddy! I got to go to my first ever camping trip a couple weeks ago. It was so much fun. I even wore my brand new overalls! I am almost 2 months old and I am getting so excited to fly to Chicago and see my boppy and papa and Tante'. Momma said that we will have lots of fun and that I will be spoiled. That's cool with me!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

5 weeks old!

I have been super sleepy lately. Momma said that it's because I'm going through a "growth spurt"! I guess I am because I now weigh 7 pounds 11 ounces. I just turned 5 weeks old yesterday too!!! Life is so much fun, at least when I am awake! Mommy gives me TONS of kisses all day long. It's kinda annoying, but I guess she loves me a lot! Mommy got so excited because I smiled at her for the first time a couple days ago. If I knew that she would be that thrilled at a smile, I would have done it 5 weeks ago!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Our Baylor family!

Last weekend I went to my very first Baylor homecoming. I had soooo much fun. Mommy and daddy say that I am gonna go to Baylor too one day. I'm not sure about that right now, but I sure did have fun there. But I must say that the football game wasn't very exciting cause we lost. I've been told that happens A LOT! College seems like a lot of fun. But I have to concentrate on kindergarten first.

Fort Worth Zoo

I already got to go to the Fort Worth Zoo! It was soooo cool. I wanted to pet the BIG cat! But mommy and daddy said "NO". I was mad about that, but at least I was able to see it. It was so fun to get to go to the zoo already. I can't wait to go back....Maybe when I'm 2 months they'll take me back there.