Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Congratulations Patrick and Rene'!

Our Christmas Card Picture!!! LOL
I just could eat this little girl up!!! Who would have ever known that you could have this much love for a little person!?!?! Isn't being a parent THE BEST!!!!
YAY!!!! Congratulations and have fun in New Zealand!!!
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Blessed by friends!

All of the Tridelts that were at the wedding! Love my tridelt sisters! I only wish we saw eachother more!
My best friend and potluck college roomate!
My parents giving Rene' a kiss...I have the same picture from my wedding with her parents kissing me!
My handsome groom!
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Making new friends...

Kate and Rene's little niece, Emma are 3 weeks apart and they loved dancing together! They sure are cute little girls!

Crazy little dancer....I have never been to a wedding with sooo many little kids! It was a blast! They all had sooo much fun!!

And of course, Kate found a "baby" and just had to "hold" her!!! She LOVES babies! She will be such a good big sister!!!
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Being silly and goofy is so much fun!

Mommy and Kate being silly!
Daddy/Daughter dance....Kate LOVED this! The next morning when we went to get her after she woke up. I asked her if she had fun at Ne'ne's wedding and she said "Yeah, dance with daddy"!!! SOOOO sweet. It's amazing how important it is for kids to have their daddy's!
Father/Daughter dance!
Breakin it down on the dance floor! She's definitely our little party animal!
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Introducing the New Mr. Mrs. Kekic

The Guess and Kekic Family!!! Sooo sweet!
The happy couple!
Here they come for the first time....
Doing the tunnel!!!! SOOO much fun! The greatest wedding!
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Party time...

Another Harris family picture. Kate and I matched dresses! And she was sooo good all weekend long. She was super happy and didn't make a peep all through the ceremony! She is getting sooo big and obeys so well! I am really enjoying this age!
I love our family!!!!
Grandma and Grandpa looking so young and happy!
My awesome parents.
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Here Comes the Bride...all dressed in white...

Rene' makes a beautiful bride...and her dad sure is handsome!
Singing "The More I Seek You' during their communion and prayer.
Such a happy moment...a day we all prayed about for years!!!
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Patrick and Rene' Kekic

Kate HAD to bring her horsie with her to the rehearsal! And then she played on the stairs while I practiced singing...
PK and Rene'!!! Such a cute couple! I am sooo excited for them!!!
Practicing our song....while holding Kate!
Daddy and his little princess! A bit too sunny though!!!
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Boot Scoot n Boogy...

Kate all dressed up in her cowgirl attire getting ready for my best friends wedding rehearsal!
Kate thinks that Emma is her own personal horse to ride!!
The "Gibson" all ready to go to Rene's wedding rehearsal!
All of us at the church (minus Dave, who was still at work).
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More family pics...

One day, we went to Joe Pool Lake that is right by our house and fed the ducks and fish and ate a little bit of appetizers. My family LOVES going there cause it reminds them of being on vacation! It really is beautiful there! Here is a picture of my sweet little girl!
We also went to a really cool restaurant called Babe's. It is family style fried chicken! It is sooo yummy! My dad said that this is his new favorite place to eat when coming to Texas!!!
We were wating to be seated and they had a really cool outdoor sitting area while waiting.
I LOVE this picture of Kate and her Great Grandparents! Kate LOVED her gramma and grampa GG!!!
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Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...

Kate LOVED everybody singing to her! She even started singing too! It was so funny!
And this year, she even blew out her own candle....she LOVED blowing out candles....I always have to tell her that we can NOT blow out mommy's pretty candles in the house because they make the house smell good!
3 cute little girls playing at the play kitchen!
Present time! And kate had A LOT of really good helpers this year to help open the gifts!!!
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