Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am such a big girl! I can even hold my own icecream cone now! I love icecream cones! I don't get very many, but when I do, I take full advantage of them!
Don't even think of trying to take this away from me!!!
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Playin hard!!!

Peek-a-boo! Look at me, I can crawl through this hole by myself!
Straddlin the wedge as if it was a horse!
Auntie Alaina and Kate riding the boat at the Midland Childrens Museum.
Try to get me, Auntie Laina!!!
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The jump house

While we were in Midland, my sister-in-law, Alaina, had planned for a whole weekend of fun events for Kate and I to go do! First stop, the Jumping Party!!! Kate absolutely loved it! She actually threw a toddler tantrum when it was time for us to go. She slept really good that night too!!! Auntie Alaina is the best! Kate loves her "Laina"!!!

Kate would use this little wedge as a slide. She would scoot her bottom up top and then count "1-2-3 weeeee"! It was sooo cute!
A little too busy for a smile! But Auntie Alaina was ready!!
Kate and Auntie Alaina!!!
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Playing with Daddy in Midland

A few weeks ago, we all went to Midland, TX to visit Dave's family and to play!!! The first day we were there, we went to the park. Kate LOVED it!

Weeee......higher, daddy!
Whoa!! I better hold on tight! Daddy is a lot more rough than mommy!!!
This is wierd! I usually sit in my own swing!
Off and running! She only has 2 speeds: fast or faster!
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Our little gansta!!

Kate LOVES wearing Daddy's hat! Daddy has told her that she's "pretty pretty" when she wears it, so she leaves it on! She loves being "pretty pretty"!!!

Last picture of her plug! After this day, she stopped having her plug everywhere she goes. And she didn't even care. I wasn't sure if it was going to be hard to take it away from her, but she didn't even miss it.....
I think I could probably even take it away at bedtime, but I just haven't tried it yet! I sort of want to keep her a baby a bit longer! :)
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Here are just some pics of the new playroom! I didn't take a picture of the one wall that has collages of Kate and our family......and also she has a little white table and chairs along that wall. I will have to take some pictures of it so I can post that too!!!

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Feeding the ducks and birds...

So I have been really bad lately at updating my blog! Between emails and facebook, I sometimes forget to update on here! But we have been pretty busy lately too!!! A couple weeks ago, I took Kate to feed the ducks and birds. And she LOVED it! I swear, I think she may grow up to be a vetrinarian!!! She LOVES animals so much. We also finally finished her playroom and it is awesome. It is sooo nice to have a room to keep all her toys neatly organized in so the rest of my house can still look like adults live in it!! haha...It seems like Kate grew into "toddlerhood" over night. She is SUPER heavy to carry around now and she only uses her plug (pacifier) when it's nap time or bedtime. She talks non-stop and she never sits still!!! Life is good, busy, but good!!! I still can't imagine being pregnant right now while trying to chase her around all day. Maybe this time next year I will feel a little more settled into all her activities!! :) She is so much fun to have around every day. She is such a joy in our lives!!!

I let Kate carry the loaf of bread down to the pond! She thought that she was the coolest thing ever!
The pigeons came right up to us....Kate kept trying to pick them up!!!
So I gave Kate a slice of bread to feed the birds, and the next thing I notice is her sitting on the grass enjoying some bread!!! Oh brother!!! She is soooo my kid!! lol
She wouldn't take her eyes off of all the birds and ducks!
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