Monday, December 14, 2009

We LOVE birthday parties....

Kate getting some assistance at a friends gymnastics birthday party! Although, I think she was thinking "why are you holding onto me? I do this by myself"!!
The zip line! Again, I think she really wanted to have the "helpers" let go of her so she could go fast!!!

Our little monkey! She even yelled over to where Dave was sitting amd said "Daddy, look at Tate! I a monkey"!!! (she always refers to herself as Tate!!!)

She kept trying to cut in front of other kids to get a turn on this rope. I had to keep telling her that she has to wait until it's her turn!!! So when it finally was her turn, she ran up there and practically climbed up the rope herself!

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Riley Kai said...

I'm so glad Gracey's party went well! Looks like Kate had a blast!