Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our little Cowgirl!

I could definitely get used to this life! I LOVE going out to the country and playing with all the animals.
My "classic" cowgirl picture!
My Aunt Nina!!!! She's my Nonnie's (grandma's) identical twin really, I usually think that she is my nonnie!
After a fun-filled day at the farm! I even wore my special PJ's in honor of Gertie, the cow! And notice my little cowgirl doll on my lap!!!
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Gertie, The cow!

Yes, that is me sitting next to the cows poo poo! And yes, daddy taught me how to say "poo poo"! It seems to make people laugh, so I think I'll keep it up! But don't worry! I don't touch it!! That's eeooy!!!!
Look momma! Gertie is drinking from a BIG baba! Isn't that silly?!?!
She's just like me! She likes her baba too!
Mommy and me smiling with Gertie! Gertie liked me alot!!!
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Goin for a horsey ride!

I was a little scared being so high up on the horsey...I mean, don't get me wrong or anything, I LOVED it, but I think I would rather straddle mommy than the horse!
And check out my cool cowgirl boots mommy bought me! I love them.
Daddy, can I get a pony? PLEASE? PRETTY PLEASE?
"EEEOOO"......I like getting dirty and all, but some things still gross me out. Like chunks of dirt and horse poopy! So I just wanted to make sure mommy knew that it was "EEEOOO"!
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Our very own Horse Whisperer...

Here I am telling the horsey that his food was coming, so hang tight! He then told me that he would rather play with me than eat his food. I thought that he was very nice to say that!
I was just making sure that Chief (the horse) was eating ever last bit of his dinner. And then I told him that if he ate it all up, I would give him a cookie!
Chief was a good boy, so I gave him a special cookie! I tried it out, but mommy was very quick to tell me "NO"! I guess it was just for Chief!
See!!! Look at how BIG they are!
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Kate went to the farm!

Mommy took me to Aunt BiBi's farm so I could play with the horsies and donkey's and cow! I had sooooo much fun. I even got to ride one of the horsies! It was my favorite day ever!! I hope we go back very soon!
And they have LOTS of cute little doggies for me to play with too! I am such a country girl! I think I may be a vetrinarian when I grow up!
My Nina and Aunt BiBi! I love them VERY much!
Aunt BiBi let me stir up all 7 of the horsies food bowls! I used this stick and then I felt like a REAL cowgirl! I liked to walk around with the stick to make me look like I was workin hard on the farm!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tea Party

Having a fabulous day at our tea party! Her favorite plate is the "Cinderella" plate!
We even had crackers and water in our tea pot! She thought that was pretty cool!
Kate went and picked out her little bunny friend to join us in the tea party!
This is the best tea party ever!
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Our hands are full!

I think we may have our hands full! She is addicted to talking on the phone. She laughs and chatters non-stop to NOBODY!!!
And she somehow knows where the buttons are to take pictures....I always have to delete random pictures that she has taken!
This sweet and innocent face still seems to get in trouble quite a bit and needs to spend some time in "time-out"!
It's the cutest thing ever! I know I shouldn't say that, but she instantly behaves and sits perfectly still and quiet until I tell her it's okay to get up. And then she says "sorry" and gives me a kiss! It really melts my heart. And it seems to work a WHOLE lot better than spankings!
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