Sunday, August 12, 2007

8 months pregnant today!

Well today I am officially starting my 8th month! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has been going! I am so excited to hold her and kiss her. Dave and I started our child-birth classes last week. We have 4 more weeks of it every Wednesday night! They will serve us well once the time comes to deliver Kate. I think it is a great eye-opener for Dave. All the information we learn in the class I already know, but Dave will have to step up to the plate once labor hits, so this class is more for Dave!!! I think he truly likes learning all about this stuff, but of course he won't admit to it!!! Well, only 8 more weeks and we will be parents! Life will be dramarically changing soon, and we are thrilled!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Coming Attraction!

31 Weeks pregnant!!!! 9 weeks to go!! I just took these pictures last night for the baby shower invitation. I am feeling pretty good, except the days I work those long hours. Usually the days I work, I get really bad sciatica pain, that shoots down my right leg. But it also is nice to be busy at work because it helps pass the time! Last night I set up the pack-n-play and it looks so cute. We are really getting everything ready for Kate. I didn't want to be much further along and have to decorate the nursery or go out buying last minute things. I just wanted to try to relax as much as possible and enjoy these last few weeks of FREEDOM!!!! haha. But we are getting more excited with each passing day!