Friday, October 26, 2007

First visit to mommy's work!

I finally got to meet all the voices I heard over the last 8 months of being in mommy's belly. It was pretty cool to meet a whole bunch of babies like myself. I was even able to go into the actual newborn nursery. But I am glad I didn't have to stay in one of those places when I was born. They all seemed to be so sad to be away from their mommy's and daddy's. They all were crying. And I finally got to meet Carson. Momma is good friends with Miss Lena, and she just had little Carson 3 months ago. Momma said that Carson and I are going to be friends......

Sleeping Beauty!

I love sleeping! My momma and daddy say that I need to sleep so I can get big and strong. I don't know about that. I just can't seem to keep my eyes open much longer than a couple hours at a time. I like to dream in my sleep. I dream a lot about eating momma's milk and it makes me smile in my sleep. My parents think it's gas, but I know better than that!!! Mmmmm, I love momma's milk! I just hope that it helps me get bigger than my 6 lb 5 oz body.

Gramma is the coolest!

I love my gramma! She spoils me soooo much. I wish she lived here in Texas! But I get to see my gramma and poppa in 2 more months for Christmas. My momma told me that we get to go to Chicago to see them. I don't really know what "Chicago" is, but my momma said that it is VERY cold there. So hopefully my momma packs some of my warm clothes. It was sad when my gramma had to leave, because she would talk to me all the time. She kept telling me "hi". I kept saying "hi" back to her, but she didn't seem to understand. But she gave me lots of kisses and I liked that.

Daddy and me!

I love my daddy. He's teaching me all about football, except when we fall asleep together on the couch. Football is fun and all, but it's too confusing that it makes me tired. But luckily daddy is pretty wiped out too lately! He says that I am keeping him up all night, but I don't think so! I only see momma every night when I call out to eat!

Momma and me!

I love my momma! She always feeds me when I cry. It's amazing that she knows what I am asking for. This crying thing really works!

The many faces of Kate!!

Man momma, how many bows do you have for me? I mean, I like them and all, but what if I want to be a tomboy when I'm older? Oh well, daddy will be my advocate until I can talk!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Here is goofy daddy giving Kate her first bath. She doesn't really like bathtime very much. But a few days later, mommy and kate took a bath together and she loved it!!! She liked being completely submerged in the tub better (we had to wait until her umbilical cord fell off). She usually eats and falls fast asleep afterwards from screaming so much! haha.

Emma and Kate meet for the first time!

Here is Emma sniffing out baby Kate for the first time. So far, Emma doesn't mind the baby. She seems to be needing a little bit more attention, but I think she likes having the baby in the house. Except for the 3 am feedings!!!! But who does?!?!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Here she is!!!!!!

Here is our precious new daughter, Kate Embry Harris. She arrived Saturday, October 6th at 7:30am. She weighed 6 pounds 12 oz and 20 inches long. She has blue eyes and brown hair and is perfect in every way! We are loving parenthood. She has been sleeping through the night from day one and is a very good breastfeeder! She looks just like daddy! We love her so much and can't wait to introduce her to our world! Her birth was amazing, too. I delivered her at Special Beginnings birthing center. Our midwife was a gift from God. I labored 5 hours at the birthing center in the tub and delivered her in the tub too. Dave got to pull her out and hand her to me. He thought that was pretty cool. But everything went great and I only pray that all my next labor and deliveries will go that smoothly!