Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kate and her doggies!

So we went over to visit Nonnie (her grandmother) the other day and Kate decided to try to get Nonnie's dog, Abby, to sit in her doll stroller!!! And Abby was such a trooper! She went along with Kate!!! And Kate thought this was the greatest thing ever.
Every now and then, Abby would jump out, and Kate would get so mad and yell at "Babby" and point to her stroller as if to say "You get back in here right this minute!"

Taking a nice stroll in the foyer!

Our gypsy girl....

We discovered the kids shoe department at Nordstroms the other day, and now this is our favorite place to visit!!! They have free balloons for the kids! Kate just loved holding the balloon while mommy did some shopping!
What a big girl

I love these little jeans on her. They make her look soooo big and grown up! She's so much fun to have around! She is my BEST shopping buddy!!

Okay, so here is our newest thing! Kate has always worn bracelets since she was itty bitty, so she never really bothers them or tries to pull them off. In fact, she has lately gone the opposite direction.....she now puts EVERY SINGLE bracelet that she owns on at the same time and does NOT let me take them off! What a girl!!! It's sooo funny to see her playing with her toys while she has her whole wrist covered with bracelets. She doesn't even seem to care!!!!

Showing me "base-it"....and she'll say "pritty pritty".....She cracks me up!

Flirting with all the boys....

My good friend from nursing school has a little boy, Jackson exactly 1 year older than Kate. And her husband plays on the same softball league that Dave plays on, so we get to see jackson quite a bit, and, well, I think Kate may have a crush on him!!!
Or on Mickey Mouse! Every morning, Kate and I watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney while we eat our breakfast, so when she saw this life-size Mickey at Jackson's house, well, she was smitten!!!!

She even positioned him to sit in her chair with her at Jackson's house!

Okay, so I guess I know what to get her for the next birthday!!!

Friends make the world so much better...

Kate and Gracey! Friends forever! Gracey lives exactly across the street from us and the girls will ask for one another to play! It is sooo cute. When we have our front doors open and just the storm door closed, they will often wave at eachother and say "HI Gacey", "HI Kate"!!! Here they are holding hands while they walk down to the park!

Kate having a tea party in her special "party" dress!
My little blue eyed baby!!! The story about this dress is that it is a 12 month dress that my mom had bought her back when she was first born and I couldn't wait for her to wear one day....well, that one day almost passed me by! Kate is now wearing 18-24 month clothing and I found this dress in the way back of her VERY large wardrobe. I got sooo sad that she had alreadt passed the size to be able to wear it. But luckily, I was able to squeeze it on her! It actually fit her perfectly, the only place it was a bit tight was in the armpit!! So this may be her only time wearing it, but we celebrated by having a tea party!!!

Oh, how time goes by.......

The little Diva!! We go out to the ballpark every Friday night to cheer daddy on at his softball games! Kate LOVES to yell for Daddy!!! And I think Daddy loves it even more! This was his first game that we were going out to see!

Easter is just around the corner!

Our dear friend, Kristen Singletary came up from Waco the other week to play with Kate and me! We went to eat at this fun place on the lake and Kate had to show Kristen all of the fish and birds!! You can tell Kristen is the oldest of 7 kids!! She's sooo good with Kate. And Kate LOVES Kristen!!!
Our little Princess right after her Easter photo shoot! Our neighbor made her a special Easter dress! It was sooo cute!

Not so sure what to think of that big camera and flash! But she warmed up and we got some cute shots!

"Okay Mommy!!! I will sit here for 1 more picture, but then I am getting back up to play!!"

My favorite! At first, Kate was sooo skeptical of the big camera and flash, so the photographer recommended for us to use my camera to get her warmed up! And it worked! So this is what my camera captured!!!