Sunday, November 30, 2008

My special Christmas outfit!

Our neighbor made me this cute outfit for me to wear during the holiday season. I had fun wearing it around the house and then we went to see Santa and to get a picture with him. It was really fun...and really cold!!!
The back. I love the "Santa" sleeves and furry stuff on the bottom of my jeans.
Okay, let's go meet Santa now.
At Southlake Townsquare shopping and meeting Santa. The Santa picture will be coming soon....
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The fun day on Thanksgiving

A close up of me on Thanksgiving. Mommy is always saying that she loves my blue eyes....I think it's because she has brown eyes and always wanted blue eyes! That's my guess.
Daddy, look at this cool toy. Do you want to play with it too? I'll share with you.
Playing on my horsey. I love my rocking horse.

Even Mammoo and PawPaw came over the eat some turkey.
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Yummy Turkey

I loved eating all of the food on Thanksgiving. It was yummy!!
See all of the food on my tray? And I ate it ALL!
Some cuddle time with Nonnie
Look Nonnie. This is my IPOD! Aren't I cool!?
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Happy Thanksgiving!

My family
My best friend, Mommy!
Mommy and I chillin after eating!
I like playing dolls with daddy!
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My pretty Thanksgiving Day dress

I was dressed up and ready to eat!
I was so excited to celebrate Thanksgiving. Last year I don't remember much of it cause I was just a few weeks old!
Why am I sitting by these trees? I don't get what we are doing!?!?!
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Snow Village and tree in mommy and daddy's room!

This reminds me of going to Boppy and Papa's house in Chicago
I love the snow. I wish it would snow here.
All of our "Texas" Santa's.
Mommy and daddy's tree in their room! I like playing with it, but every time I do, I get yelled at.
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Thanksgiving and mommy's birthday

Dinning room table set and ready for our BIG Turkey dinner!
Mommy even pulled out the china for this event!
I was so excited to eat all the food!
Daddy surprised mommy with this beautiful cake! And it was yummy!
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Cowgirl TuTu

Thanks Abigail and Mrs. Dowd! I love my new tutu....
Hey, what is my plug doing down there?
This is much better. It's back in my mouth now! I heard mommy telling daddy that I am soon not going to have my plug. That made me very until then, I am getting my fix!
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Our Christmas tree!

Our BIG tree in our study!

The view from the front entry way looking into the study!
Our 3 little trees in the dining room
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Cowgirl Overalls

YIPPEE! We get to go to the park today!
Here I am! I have on cousin Heidi's old overalls with horses on them. I love it!
Mommy, I'm not so sure of this.....Can we just go down the slide? I like the slide...
Taking a walk in the neighborhood. There was someone following me on the sidewalk!!!
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun around the House

Mommy, you can't tell me "NO"! Just look into my eyes! I am way too cute for that word!
Ride 'em horsey! Or Emma!?

I can't wait to go to school and wear my backpack. I feel like such a big girl with this thing on my back. Do I look cool, momma?
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