Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrating Independence Day

Kate and Mommy on the boat! Ready to watch some fireworks!
Daddy and his little princess!
The Harris Family! Minus Cooper!
I love these people with my whole heart!
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Happy 4th of July!

This 4th of July we got to see baby Cooper for the first time! Kate and I met Dave up by his office to have a sonogram to see if baby Harris is a boy or a girl! Kate was so excited. She kept saying for weeks that it is a boy! She would say "I like Cooper. It's Cooper"!!! Kids have funny intuitions!!!
Kate showing her blue box!
And holding up Cooper's name plate!
What a fun 4th of July we had!
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And Baby Harris is......

Here is the sweet profile of our new little bundle!
Long, stretched out legs.
And the BIG reveal!!!! It's a BOY!!!!!! Yep, that's right! I was totally surprised and caught off guard! But I am getting more and more excited! It will be different than having a little girl, but I am up for the challenge! I just need to figure out where to go buy all his clothes. Kate had soooo many adorable clothes and hairbows, but I guess I will just have to continue to save them until another girl comes around!!!! So our new little member is Cooper Michael! I can't wait to meet him in another 20 weeks!
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Boy or Girl?

Well, we found out last Wednesday what Baby Harris is!!!! But I thought it would be more fun to put together these boxes to send to the family to open! I had 15 boxes filled with pink candy and 15 boxes filled with blue candy. We had the names picked out for both boy and girl and all we needed was to find out which one it was! I REALLY REALLY thought it was another girl. I have felt the exact same way as I did when I was pregnant with Kate. And quite honestly, I was hoping to have another girl. I just love having Kate around and all the fun things girls get to do. I love the Disney Princesses and dolls.
Here are the boxes!
Kinley's boxes
Cooper's boxes
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Summer fun

Still splashin it up at the splash park!
She loves anything with water involved!
Priceless smile! Oh to be a kid again!
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Who knew a splash park could be this fun?

Kate posing with Emma on her first day of "summer" school at her Mother's Day Out program! She loves taking pictures right here by the front door and she always wants Emma to be in the picture too!
One of the times coming back from the lake!
We discovered an awesome water park right by our house. And it's FREE! Kate just loves it. We've gone a couple times and we bring our packed lunch. They have some cute little sea animals to slide down and climb on!
Here she is on the dolphin!
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4th of July preparation....

a few weeks ago we were back at the lake house at Possum Kingdom. I just love this picture of Kate. She is such a sweet little girl! I don't ever want her to grow up!!!
Mommy and her little girl, Kate!
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boatin time

Kate playing at the beach at Nonnie and Nannad's lake house. We LOVE going to the lake!
Even Emma loves it. They are best friends. Playing and splashing around together!
And of course, she loves collecting little bugs that she can find. She even has her own bug catcher!
Taking a little drinking break! But only Emma! We don't let Kate drink the lake water!!! haha
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Special Beginnings!

Kate sitting on the front porch swing at Special Beginnings birthing center where she was born 2 1/2 years ago and where our next little munchkin will be born! Kate got to go with me to hear the baby's first heartbeat! It was my 12 week appointment and it was my first time to go see my wonderful midwife again after all these years!!!
The outside of the little birthing center. Very "cottage" looking, but filled with so many wonderful memories!
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Puppy Love

We went to the park a few weeks ago to celebrate Sitende' Mai, the Norwegian Independence Day, with our neighbors and other friends. My paternal grandmother was born and raised in Norway and I am very attached to my Norwegian roots. And it is a blessing that our neighbors also celebrate this holiday. So we make a fun play date out of it. We have a little parade for the kids, picnic lunch, games, Norwegian snacks, and Norwegian story time! But this year, one of the mom's had her 2 new puppies with her. Well, as you can tell by the pictures, ALL Kate wanted to do was play and hold these puppies. She wouldn't let any of the other kids hold them (although most of the other kids had no interest in them anyways!) They really were adorable puppies!

True Puppy Love!!!
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Livin the farm life

So not too many little girls REALLY get a little pony from their grandparents, but meet Belle! Dave's mom and dad have almost 100 acres of land out by Hillsboro, Frost, Texas. There are horses, cows, pigs, dogs, donkeys, and now a miniature horse. Kate just loves this little horsie! Her name is Annabelle! And she is sooo sweet.
Although I dress her with bows and frills, she is a true country girl at heart! She just loves being outside and playing with animals and insects!
Here she is with one of the big horses, Chief!
Kate's favorite dog of course, Emma!
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