Monday, December 14, 2009

RED is the new pink

Kate checking out her Elf on the he was spotted hanging from the china cabinet!!! She likes to talk to him and it is sooo fun to wake up every morning to go hunting for him!!!

All dressed up in her special Christmas outfit that Boppy got for her to wear for Christmas in Chicago!!! But we had to wear it early so she could get more use out of it! We were getting ready for our church's christmas musical this morning and then we were heading to The North Pole Express Train!!! So Kate was ALL SMILES!!!!

She was showing me the Christmas ornament from the tree, even though she is not allowed to touch them. I guess she was taking advantage of the fact that I was too busy behind the camera to really get after her!!!

And it really ended up being a cute picture of her with it!!

My pretty little girl!

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Riley Kai said...

Kate is just BEAUTIFUL! I loved her outfit, but I'm pretty sure she can pull off anything! I cant wait to see pics of the other outfit her Boppy got her!