Monday, October 20, 2008

Kate and Mickey Mouse!

The Classic Picture!
Let me give that nose of yours a big kiss!
You look so funny! I have never seen anything like it before!
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Minnie and Donald

Look at who's lap I'm sitting on!!! I am so lucky. Minnie Mouse and I are friends!
I like you, Donald Duck! You know my favorite game: Peek-a-boo!
Look who's back to visit!
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The Water Fountain

Oooooo, I'm getting wet!
This is a little one like me. How does the water come out of there? I don't get it.

I'm gonna get it!
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Venturing over to the beach!

Yuck! You're right. This sand stuff doesn't taste very good.
What are you doing, Heidi? Can I play too?
CHEESE! Can you tell that I am having fun?
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A Sandy experience

What the heck is this?
"S-A-N-D" Can you eat it?
I think this sand is getting in my diaper.
What's the purpose of this stuff? If you can't eat it and you can't throw it, then what do you do with it?
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Princess Towel!

Mommy got me this new Princess towel for the pool. It was the coolest towel ever. It has a little crown on the head and the back of the towel has the Princesses on it.
"So BIG"
I am finally getting more teeth! I have only had these 2 teeth for so long, but on this trip, I started to cut about 5 teeth. Man, I got it rough this time around.
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Minnie Mouse's house

Minnie Mouse's house. It was soooo pretty. I wish I lived in a house like that.
Can I sew on Minnie's sewing machine? Please. I'll be very careful.
Walking outside of Minnie's patio.
Playing on the Toontown playarea. I had a great time at this place.
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My first monorail ride

Mommy taking me on my first monorail ride at Disney World. For anyone out there that has never been to Disney World, a monorail is a cool train in the air. It was really fun.
So where are we going?
Cinderella's Castle!!!! WOWY! I love this place.
Hi daddy! We miss you and we love you. Keep working so we have money to play!!!
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Bathing Beauty!

Mommy and me going to the Disney Marketplace to shop. I told you that I'm angelic!!!
Ready for the pool!
Listening to my IPOD! I love this toy.
This is where we stayed!
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Waiting for the airplane

Mmmmm, can I have some Starbucks while we wait for the plane? Please? I'll be extra good if you give me some.
Oooo, look at that big airplane.
I am so excited to see Boppy and Papa. Are we almost there yet?
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1 Year Picture on the Chair

October 6, 2008
Can you believe that I am 1 year old now! I am such a big girl. I talk ALL the time and can even do sign language when I want something. I just got 2 more teeth and about 4 more are almost breaking through. I love to play and go shopping with mommy. I just got back from Disney World the other night and I had a great time meeting Mickey and Minnie.
Here I am in my "big girl" outfit. I feel like a teenager in this outfit. Yes, I know I still have my plug in my mouth, but I am just not ready to say goodbye to that yet.
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