Thursday, August 26, 2010

Daddy and his girl

Could any 2 people look more alike? They are sooo cute though! Kate sure has a blast with her daddy! He really knows how to have fun and adventurous with Kate. Dave loves his dirt bike, and now it seems as though Kate is picking up his love for them too!
She keeps asking when she can ride one by herself? lol Not for a LONG time, at least that's what I say. Daddy thinks in just a few short years!?!?! We'll see about that!!
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A girl and her horse

Kate giving Jesse James a kiss! Horses are such beautiful creatures!
"Hey, mom, look at me! I'm on the other side of the fence!"
Kate with her Nonnie and Nina! This little girl sure is loved by so many!
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Horsin' Around

Kate with her FAVORITE horse, Gunner! Gunner totally thinks he is half human! He is so sweet and gentle. He actually will try to climb into the car if it's nearby!
Kate trying to give Gunner some love!
"Look at my muscles! I strong"!!! Yes Kate, you are very strong! She is such a tomboy, regardless of how I may dress her!
Kate and the pony. It's amazing how close Kate gets to them without ever being afraid! She treats them like Emma the dog!
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Life on the farm!

Kate is sooo blessed with so many wonderful little friends! Gracey is our neighbor and dear friend! Gracey is 10 months older, although Kate is bigger than her! lol They love to play and laugh and just be silly together! Here they were sharing a ride on Kate's little toy horse!
Kate enjoying the outdoors at Nonnie and Nannad's farm. It sure is beautiful out there!
Kate is very lucky to have so many animals that she has grown up around. Her Nonnie even got Kate her very own minature horse, Annabelle. This one is another pony that they have out there. There is a total of 4 ponies.
Kate has no fear of all these animals! She just loves them and they love her too....I think it's because she always is feeding them!
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