Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life on the farm

Kate bonding with Aunt BiBi's pig, Lola! Nonnie and Nannad (my in-laws) bought this beautiful 90 acres of land in Frost, Texas...decorated with a state of the art barn, LOTS of donkeys, a tractor and the rest of the families horses and pigs and dogs and's a kids haven! But I just love this picture...Kate asks about Lola every day!
Nannad's new tractor! Kate getting a lift!!!
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What a PIG!!!

So last weekend we went down to Frost, Texas to spend a day at my in-laws 90 acre ranch! It was a blast...absolutely beautiful out there. Donkeys, horses, and PIGS!!! Her Aunt BiBi has a baby pig named Lola and Kate fell in love with her!!!
Kate got to feed Lola apples!
And chase her around the barn!
What a cute little face! She really was adorable!
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Making their daddy's proud!

Kate and her best friend, Riley, got to go play at Dave-N-Busters the other night and they had a blast! They both climbed up to this game and tried to figure out how it worked! Their daddy's loved this one! Of course, Riley's daddy REALLY loved it since they are Red Raider alums, we just let it slide with Kate...hopefully she will know that a Bear is where she belongs!!! haha
They both looked sooo cute, I must admit!

UH-OH...I see the future in this one! This will be when their daddy's get their guns out!!!! lol
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Groovy little girl...

So I know this little outfit looks a bit like we're going back in time to the 60's or 70's, but I think it's so cute. We were going to meet daddy for lunch this day at his office! And she was VERY excited. Although, when I told her we were going to go have lunch with daddy, she said "No, I go to Disney World"! LOL Well, then! Let's just get in the car and go to Disney World!
We are planning on a Disney trip at the end of April, so that is ALWAYS on her mind! She just LOVES her princesses and they go everywhere we go...she even has to sleep with them!
Here she is with her 4 princesses. The other night, daddy was putting their little dresses back on them (because Kate likes to undress them), and he wasn't putting the right dresses on the right princesses...and boy, did Kate let him have it!!! "Daddy, NO, that's NOT Belle"!!! LOL
She wants this picture to go in her room! She just loves posing for pictures with her toys!!!
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roses are red....

My beautiful roses from my hubby! He's so sweet! I actually thought he would forget, or just not do anything, but he surprised me!
He first came home with the pink flowers for Kate, and Kate ran up to me and showed me "her" flowers from daddy. I thought that was SOOOO sweet, but I sort of was thinking, "well, gosh, he better have gotten me some too!!!", and sure enough, he then took the roses from behind his back and gave them to me!
Kate LOVES her daddy!!!! She even had special Valentine's Day pj's that said "I love Daddy"!!!!
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Fit for a Princess...

A close up of Kate's bed!
Another look of her eiffel tower lamp.
The wall where a family friend is painting a big eiffel tower picture to hang....hopefully we'll get it in a couple weeks!!!
Kate got these pretty pink flowers from daddy on Valentine's day and she was sooo proud of them! She carried them all over the house until we finally found a place for them on her dresser!
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Kate's big girl room

So we have been working on getting Kate's big girl room all ready. We put up black and white damask wallpaper on the bottom, Dave painted the top pink and then he added the chair rail! He did an awesome job!!! I just got this eiffel tower lamp for her room and added the pink fringe on the shade. I also covered her wood table with a black tablecloth and then bought a yard of this damask fabric and topped the table off with it! I just love her room! There are still a few more things to hang on the walls, but it is almost done!
Her new bedding! I am ordering this awesome metal crown that sticks out of the wall to hang over her bed. It's this 3-dimensional thing that you hang sheer drapes behind it and then the drapes hang on each side of the headboard! Pictures will be following soon!
Another view of her room! Her chandelier that I bought and added some pink fringe to as well! And her bedroom set is really special to me. The bed and dresser are over 100 years old. It was my great-grandparents from Norway. It has been in the family for EVER!!!!
Kate's dresser. I still need to buy a lamp for it.
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A white Valentine's Day!!!

The front of our house.
The backyard and swingset!!!
Kate all bundled up....even her eye is smooshed by the hats!!!
Ready, Aim, FIRE......having a snowball fight with daddy!
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February snow storm...

More eating of the snow!!!
A great picture of the "blizzard" we got here in Texas!
Down our was beautiful! Wish it would do this every year down here!!!
Daddy and Kate crossing the street!
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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...IN TEXAS, please!!!

So the other day, we got TONS of snow here in Mansfield! We measured 12 inches! It was awesome. It reminded us of being up north with my family! Kate LOVED all the snow. We spent 2 days outside playing in it!
She even tried eating the snowman daddy had made for her!
Yep, she's my kid!!!! She LOVES the cold and snow!!!! She kept saying "Boppy and Papa have snow"....she was a bit confused where my parents were, because she only know of them to be along with the snow!!!
Our little scandinavian girl!!!! lol
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Nurse in training....

I will sometimes fill her little kitchen sink with some water and put it on the playroom floor for her to play with it...and the other day, I came back into the playroom and found her giving her baby a bath....
I was so impressed. She was doing the exact thing I do at work in the newborn nursery! She is such a natural! And what a great big sister she will be!

And then another day, I found her doing this with her snacks....when I asked her what she was doing, she simply replied "hanging wallpaper"!!!! I guess that's what you get when you let your 2 year old watch you hang wallpaper, they try to do the same thing!!!! haha
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