Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She wore and itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polkadot bikini

She was helping daddy scrub the boat clean...while wearing her sunglasses and cute swimsuit!!!
Life vest on and ready to tube!
Kate and Riley discuss how they are going to throw their daddy's off of the tube!!!
Daddy and daughter time!! Rex and Riley, Dave and Kate!!!!
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Boating Diva

Kate ready to have some fun in the sun! Who says you can't have fun while keeping up with style??? lol
Kate in her cute little 2-piece! She was ready to take over as captain of the boat!!!
Nonnie and Kate are excited for the boat ride!
Suntan lotion: CHECK Sunglasses: CHECK Hairbow: CHECK Ready to have fun: CHECK CHECK!!!
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Pretty in Pink

Riley and Kate all dressed up and ready to go have a night out on the town!!! Aren't they sooo precious!! I just love seeing them together! It's almost like they are sisters!
This was after we spent the day out on the boat. We cleaned them up and got them ready to go have dinner!
After dinner, they found a pile of rocks! Out of all the fun things we did that day, I think they were the most excited about the rocks!
You can dress them up but can't take them out!!! lol
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Taking care of the dogs...

I found Kate on her playroom floor the other day with her snack cup and Emma closely in front of her! It was so cute. Kate would take a bite, and then give one to Emma!
And then Kate thought that her stuffed animal dog needed some of Emma's food and water. Needless to say, we then had to bring the dog to the groomers to dry him off....
Ever since Kate was an infant, she has always liked to fall asleep with something over her face....and she obviously still does! It is when she is asleep in her crib and I go to peek in on her that I realize just how big she is getting. She literally takes up the entire space. I remember when she was this itty bitty thing in such a big crib!
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Two Peas In A Pod

"What, you mean to tell us that you don't serve minors?" Kate and her friend, Riley, decided to have their own dinner!!! They are too cute together. Although, I am working on teaching Kate how to be a bit nicer to Riley!!! Kate is definitely the "aggressor" in their relationship!!! lol And poor, sweet Riley just goes along with it!! One of these days, Kate is going to have another thing coming!!
Riley was sooo excited to be naked in the water fountain!!!
Trying to get both of them to stand next to oneanother adn smile at the same time was not an easy task!
They truly do love eachother....even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it!!! (on Kate's part!!! :))
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College roomie and best friend!

Rene' Guess and Tara Gibson Harris! We were potluck college roommates at Baylor back in '99, and we became fast friends for life! She is getting married this November and so all of us old college/sorority friends got together in Dallas for a fun night to celebrate!!!
And yes, for her bacholorette party, we all went and played "Top Golf" in Dallas! It was a blast!!! Such a fun night with fun people. We may all be growing up, but still kids at heart!!!
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True Loyalty

One day last week, Dave was outside cutting the grass. So I decided to take Kate out to play a little bit. While we were out there, Kate told me to go get my camera....in a very demanding way!!! So when I brought the camera outside, she quickly organized this photo shoot! She yelled at Emma and told her to "SIT HERE EMMA". And then she quickly sat down next to her....she is soooo my child! lol
They are truly best friends!
Kate loves to empty her stuffed animal bin in her room and crawl in it. And then she tells me to put all her animals back in on top of her! She is such a ham!
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Such is the life....

A few weeks ago, Kate was exhausted but wouldn't lay down in her crib....and both Dave and I were ready for a nap too! So we put on The Lion King DVD and the next thing I know it, this is what I looked over on the couch to find! It was too sweet to not grab my camera and capture the moment!
Kate LOVES all sports. And especually baseball! I was getting ready in my closet, when Kate found Dave's baseball hat and quickly put it on. And then she ran out of the closet and bedroom saying "baseball"....so when I finally came out to see where she went, this is how I found her! Daddy couldn't be any happier!!
"Put me in coach! I'm ready to play, today!!!"
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going to Chicago

I took Kate to her first movie theater experience....and it was soooo exciting. We got popcorn and water and went into the theater to watch Veggie Tales.....and 10 minutes later, we were back in our car!!!! lol I think she is still a little too young....maybe next year! But at least I got a cute picture! haha
Boppy and Kate on the pier of Broken Oar on the Fox River!
Boppy sharing the lessons of life to Kate.
Kate loves her Boppy!!!
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Gracey and Kate getting some boating time

Gracey is our little neighbor and Kates friend! They were able to come with us one day to the lake and go boating and tubing....
Mommy and Daughter fun!!
Naptime.....how lucky are we that they both fell asleep at the same time on the boat?!?!
Kate was exhausted
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Waiting for the Fireworks show!

Nonnie and Nannad (Dave's parents) just bought this awesome house in Hell's Gate of Possum Kingdom. The backyard overlooks the lake, right where they always do the annual fireworks show...so we popped up our lawnchairs and waited for the spectacular show. It was soooo fun.
and way past Kate's bedtime, but as you can see, she was thrilled to still be up!!!
Our little family in front of the lake!
getting excited for the "pretty colors in the sky"!!!
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