Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kate and her doggies!

So we went over to visit Nonnie (her grandmother) the other day and Kate decided to try to get Nonnie's dog, Abby, to sit in her doll stroller!!! And Abby was such a trooper! She went along with Kate!!! And Kate thought this was the greatest thing ever.
Every now and then, Abby would jump out, and Kate would get so mad and yell at "Babby" and point to her stroller as if to say "You get back in here right this minute!"

Taking a nice stroll in the foyer!

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Riley Kai said...

You guys are more than welcomed if you get bored next weekend! I have a ton of stuff I have either made or bought for the cupcake theme. If you decide to go in that direction, let me know! I'll post pics of it all after her party! Oh, and the invites are from a wonderful lady at She can do almost anything and the quality is great! Hope that helps! BTW, Kate gets cuter every time you post a pic, if that's even possible!!!!