Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter is just around the corner!

Our dear friend, Kristen Singletary came up from Waco the other week to play with Kate and me! We went to eat at this fun place on the lake and Kate had to show Kristen all of the fish and birds!! You can tell Kristen is the oldest of 7 kids!! She's sooo good with Kate. And Kate LOVES Kristen!!!
Our little Princess right after her Easter photo shoot! Our neighbor made her a special Easter dress! It was sooo cute!

Not so sure what to think of that big camera and flash! But she warmed up and we got some cute shots!

"Okay Mommy!!! I will sit here for 1 more picture, but then I am getting back up to play!!"

My favorite! At first, Kate was sooo skeptical of the big camera and flash, so the photographer recommended for us to use my camera to get her warmed up! And it worked! So this is what my camera captured!!!

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