Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friends make the world so much better...

Kate and Gracey! Friends forever! Gracey lives exactly across the street from us and the girls will ask for one another to play! It is sooo cute. When we have our front doors open and just the storm door closed, they will often wave at eachother and say "HI Gacey", "HI Kate"!!! Here they are holding hands while they walk down to the park!

Kate having a tea party in her special "party" dress!
My little blue eyed baby!!! The story about this dress is that it is a 12 month dress that my mom had bought her back when she was first born and I couldn't wait for her to wear one day....well, that one day almost passed me by! Kate is now wearing 18-24 month clothing and I found this dress in the way back of her VERY large wardrobe. I got sooo sad that she had alreadt passed the size to be able to wear it. But luckily, I was able to squeeze it on her! It actually fit her perfectly, the only place it was a bit tight was in the armpit!! So this may be her only time wearing it, but we celebrated by having a tea party!!!

Oh, how time goes by.......

The little Diva!! We go out to the ballpark every Friday night to cheer daddy on at his softball games! Kate LOVES to yell for Daddy!!! And I think Daddy loves it even more! This was his first game that we were going out to see!

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