Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our gypsy girl....

We discovered the kids shoe department at Nordstroms the other day, and now this is our favorite place to visit!!! They have free balloons for the kids! Kate just loved holding the balloon while mommy did some shopping!
What a big girl

I love these little jeans on her. They make her look soooo big and grown up! She's so much fun to have around! She is my BEST shopping buddy!!

Okay, so here is our newest thing! Kate has always worn bracelets since she was itty bitty, so she never really bothers them or tries to pull them off. In fact, she has lately gone the opposite direction.....she now puts EVERY SINGLE bracelet that she owns on at the same time and does NOT let me take them off! What a girl!!! It's sooo funny to see her playing with her toys while she has her whole wrist covered with bracelets. She doesn't even seem to care!!!!

Showing me "base-it"....and she'll say "pritty pritty".....She cracks me up!

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