Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roses are red....

My beautiful roses from my hubby! He's so sweet! I actually thought he would forget, or just not do anything, but he surprised me!
He first came home with the pink flowers for Kate, and Kate ran up to me and showed me "her" flowers from daddy. I thought that was SOOOO sweet, but I sort of was thinking, "well, gosh, he better have gotten me some too!!!", and sure enough, he then took the roses from behind his back and gave them to me!
Kate LOVES her daddy!!!! She even had special Valentine's Day pj's that said "I love Daddy"!!!!
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Riley Kai said...

So sweet! ...and Kate looks sooo grown up with her hair down! Ugh! Doesn't she know she is not supposed to grow up!

Sweet Home Colorado said...

Little girls and their daddies are so precious! That was so sweet of him!