Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life on the farm

Kate bonding with Aunt BiBi's pig, Lola! Nonnie and Nannad (my in-laws) bought this beautiful 90 acres of land in Frost, Texas...decorated with a state of the art barn, LOTS of donkeys, a tractor and the rest of the families horses and pigs and dogs and's a kids haven! But I just love this picture...Kate asks about Lola every day!
Nannad's new tractor! Kate getting a lift!!!
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Twins Squared said...

I also think it is hilarious Kim keeps changing his mind on all these properties and that now they bought a ranch with all these animals. Who takes care of them? My kids would love that. I think we need to pay a visit soon. We're almost there with A&R. So sick of being tied down! Love the pic of Kate with the pig!

Dave and Tara Harris said...

haha...YES, Kimberly, you are SOOOO right!!! But I am really crossing my fingers that this one will last!!!! Boy, I always tease Dave that his family is sooooo indecisive on life!!! But hey, it's fun for us at least!! Especially when they are ALWAYS moving, we get lots of fun "hand-me-down" stuff!!! But yall TOTALLY need to come down and spend a weekend out there with all of us! The girls would LOVE it...and there is a VERY nice barn/apartment right now. They are eventually going to build a house too for more living space. But we want to go camp out there sometime this spring!!! COME ON!!!! :)

Riley Kai said...

I think these might be my two new favorite pics of Kate!(or maybe even all time faves!) I just LOVE them!!!!