Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making their daddy's proud!

Kate and her best friend, Riley, got to go play at Dave-N-Busters the other night and they had a blast! They both climbed up to this game and tried to figure out how it worked! Their daddy's loved this one! Of course, Riley's daddy REALLY loved it since they are Red Raider alums, we just let it slide with Kate...hopefully she will know that a Bear is where she belongs!!! haha
They both looked sooo cute, I must admit!

UH-OH...I see the future in this one! This will be when their daddy's get their guns out!!!! lol
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Twins Squared said...

Oh my gosh. Kate looks like she's about 12 years old! What has happened to this child? Mine still have such baby hair they don't look 2. She is so cute - can you live with me and dress my kids every day? We are sporting the Target look usually. :) Can't wait to see yall!

Dave and Tara Harris said...

haha....I am told I have an addiction to shopping too much for Kate (at least that's what Dave tells me)!!! But I have found some adorable things lately at Target!!! And I have also inherited a lot of hand-me-down clothes from my sisters little girl! So every now and then , I splurge on "boutique" clothing for her!!! :) We can't wait until next weekend!!! YAY!!!! I've been showing her pictures of Reagan and Ashley (and Kaitlyn and Mackenzie) so she'll feel like she knows them!!!

Riley Kai said...

I'm saving these so that when Kate decides to go to Tech with Riley, I can remind you that she was always a Red Raider at heart. Even with your attempts to corrupt her!