Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A piece of cake

A friend from work makes awesome cakes, so she made Kate the cutest and yummiest cake!!! She even put a whole bunch of little "2's" around the edges of the cake! It was 3 layers of vanilla cake with 2 layers of strawberry filling. It was FABULOLUS!!!
Our 3-layer chocolate tier! Cake balls, Choc. covered strawberries, and choc. covered pretzels! YUMMY!!!
My grandparents!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!
A close up of the cake! With the eiffel tower and pink poodle on top. Kate LOVES Wonder Pets, and there is an episode on there where the Wonder Pets save a poodle on top of the eiffel tower...she was sooo excited to see her cake toppers. She kept saying that "wonderpets save poodle on tower"!!! It was soo cute.
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