Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy as a Bee....

Both Kate and our neighbors have these really cute rollercoasters for the kids to play on, so we put both of them in the neighbors yard and let all the kids play on them the night of Halloween. They loved it!
Gracey, Kate's neighbor and friend, Kate, and our other little friend, Colton all ready for some candy!
This was sooo cute. Colton's parents are teaching their son how to be a gentleman to ladies, so he would always get out of the wagon first and then hold Kate's hand to help her out of the wagon. It was adorable!
So after about the 3rd time of doing this, Kate finally caught on and decided to "add" to Colton's "manly" duties by handing him her sippy cup so she could get out of the wagon! We laughed sooo hard. And Colton just looked at it in astonishment as if he was saying "What the heck, what do you think I am? Your slave!!" After they would run up to a house to get candy, Colton would then open the wagon door and let Kate get in first!!! If I ever have a boy, I am totally going to teach him this very same's sooo sweet!
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