Sunday, May 25, 2008

My BIG pool day!

I had so much fun yesterday! I went to GiGi and Papa Guess's house to swim. I love the water! It reminds me of when I was born! It was a little cold at first, but then I got used to it. In fact, I got so used to it, I fell asleep in mommy's arms while she was feeding me in the pool. It was fun to splash around and kick. Mommy told me that I had to wear this hat so I wouldn't get sun burned! Thanks momma. You're always looking out for me!
This is Mommy's favorite picture. I was deep in thought on what do I do when I have to go potty? I was worried that my diaper wouldn't work in this bathtub, and then what???
Look at me mommy! I'm taking a bath with clothes on!!! This is such a cool idea!
Here I am asleep in mommy's arms in the pool. My toes looked like prunes when I got out, but I felt sooo relaxed and refreshed. I would recommend this to all of my baby friends! I like to cover my eyes when mommy feeds me my baba. And it worked really well in the pool to keep the sun out of my eyes!
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Riley Kai said...

Sooo sweet! She looks so relaxed in the water! Riley starts swim lessons next week, hope she likes the water as much as Kate! Rex and I really wants to plan a trip to see you guys soon! The girls would have sooo much fun together! ( and I think seeing Dave really made Rex miss him!)

Riley Kai said...

To answer your questions... the splash pool came from Target of all places! Also, I do use a rubberband in her hair. When she was Kates age, I just stuck the bow in. The rubberbands are the tiny ones that almost look like the kind they use for braces! I warn u, its a battle getting her to sit still while I do it:) Please post pics if u try it on Kate!!!