Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

I Love you, Mommy! You make me sooo
happy. You take such good care of me and
you always dress me so pretty. Thanks for
being my mommy and for loving me.

Mommy and Kate!

I am so happy to go out to eat. I love
getting all dressed up and going places.
I will try really hard to be a good girl
today since it's mommy's day! But I
can't promise anything! Come on
guys, I'm only 7 months old! I'm not
perfect!!!! But I'm awefully cute!!!

I love crawling around the house. I have
gotten really good at it. But I don't like
the hard floor. But I have figured out a way
that I can still get around in the kitchen without
hurting my knees. It's pretty clever, if I must
say so myself. In fact, I think I might try to
get around permanently on my feet. I think
there's something to this new development!
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Riley Kai said...

She is too cute for words! Riley started doing the bear crawl right before she started walking! Uh oh Kate...are you going to be an early walker?!!!...and again, I need to come visit so we can go shopping together!

Momma Bean said...

I cannot believe how big she is getting. Too cute. Love the bear crawl!!!