Monday, July 5, 2010

Boy or Girl?

Well, we found out last Wednesday what Baby Harris is!!!! But I thought it would be more fun to put together these boxes to send to the family to open! I had 15 boxes filled with pink candy and 15 boxes filled with blue candy. We had the names picked out for both boy and girl and all we needed was to find out which one it was! I REALLY REALLY thought it was another girl. I have felt the exact same way as I did when I was pregnant with Kate. And quite honestly, I was hoping to have another girl. I just love having Kate around and all the fun things girls get to do. I love the Disney Princesses and dolls.
Here are the boxes!
Kinley's boxes
Cooper's boxes
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Twins Squared said...

You were going to name her Kinley Reagan? Awww. What a great name! But I suppose I am a little biased. Congrats again! I think it's wonderful - you are going to have both experiences. What a gift!

Sweet Home Colorado said...

What a cute idea! We told our family in fun ways too! i LOVE THE NAMES TOO!