Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meeting new cousins in Sugarland

This past weekend, we traveled down to Sugarland for a very dear friend's wedding, and we were so thrilled to be able to visit with Dave's family that lives in that area! Dave has an aunt and uncle that live there, along with his 2 cousins that are both married and have kids. The craziest thing is ALL the kids are girls! Dave's one cousin, Kimberly, has 2 sets of fraternal girl twins: Caitlyn and Mackenzie (5 1/2), and Ashley and Reagan (2). The other cousin, Lance, has 2 little girls: Trinity (7) and Lynley (5 1/2).They are all just precious!!!! And Kate is definitely REALLY wanting to have some siblings now!!! She just loved all the commotion and "playmates"! So this picture above is of Reagan on the left and Ashley on the right...
Kate and Reagan really hit it off. They loved eachother! It was so cute, Reagan and Ashley are about 3 months younger than Kate, but since Kate is the typical first born child, she kept calling the little twins "babies"...and she would be gentle with them and pat their heads saying "hi baby"...and then would run off and try to play with the 5 1/2 year old twins. It was sooo funny! As you can see in this picture, Kate was actually trying to "hold" Reagan!!!
Woo-Wee....Kate flashing everyone at the school fund raiser. We had so much fun on Saturday morning going to the older twins school to play....
Kate was watching some older boys sliding down this with their hands up in the air, so all of a sudden, you could see her practicing putting her hands, so when she got up to the top of the slide, she sat back, lifted her hands up and went for it!!! She's such a little dare-devil!!!
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Those bouncy slide pictures are so funny!