Sunday, November 30, 2008

My special Christmas outfit!

Our neighbor made me this cute outfit for me to wear during the holiday season. I had fun wearing it around the house and then we went to see Santa and to get a picture with him. It was really fun...and really cold!!!
The back. I love the "Santa" sleeves and furry stuff on the bottom of my jeans.
Okay, let's go meet Santa now.
At Southlake Townsquare shopping and meeting Santa. The Santa picture will be coming soon....
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Riley Kai said...

Your neighbor is super talented! Do they sell these outfits or just make them for fun? They should sell them!

Sweet Home Colorado said...

Oh my gosh! It must be so fun dressing a girl! Have a wonderful Christmas season! We are going to take Nolan to see Santa this week too!

She McCord said...

What a cute little outfit! Very festive!