Sunday, October 10, 2010

My little diva/tomboy...whichever she feels like on that specific day!

Deep in thought....
Very bored. There's a funny story about this photo shoot. During the shoot, Kate was not acting like herself. I mean, don't get me wrong, the pictures of her still turned out great and I was very happy with them, but she was just not the normal, happy, silly girl the whole time. She kept saying that her "booty hurt"!! lol I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. Well, after pictures, we were driving home and all of a sudden Kate started screaming and crying from her car seat! She was yelling "I'm going poopy"...over and over again. She was so scared and seemed to be in pain. I felt so bad for her. Well, Dave couldn't pull over because we were on a bridge, so I turned around in the car and unbuckled her from her seat. I lifted her out of the seat and just held her until we could pull over. I kept having to tell her that it was okay and that we can clean up everything. She just kept crying with this look of horror on her face. And pretty soon, the smell took over the car....Dave and I started laughing at the whole situation. By the time we pulled over, it was everywhere. We had to strip her naked on the side of the road, throw her cute bloomers she was wearing away...and totally clean everything...all in which with this wreched smell. I start gagging and Dave was laughing at me! So then I started laughing so hard that I couldn't control my bladder (remember, I am 8 months pregnant)!!!!! lol So then after it was all clean, we got back in the car and told Kate to tell us if she feels like she has to go some more. Mind you, she is now sitting in her car seat butt naked....not 2 minutes back in the car, she starts crying again saying that she has to go again. So we pulled over as fast as possible and grabbed her from the car. Not a second after I was holding her in mid air on the side of the road, she started with it all over again. Poor thing. It was quite an event. Gross, funny and sad all the same time. But after all that, we finally figured out what her "booty hurt" and why she wasn't being her normal self during pictures! lol

But who can tell that her tummy was hurting during this photo shoot????
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