Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a Small World....

So what ride do you go on when you're 3 months pregnant? DUMBO!!!! I LOVE rollercoasters, and being pregnant and going to an amusement park don't mix. But luckily we were there for Kate. And I was able to experience most of the magical moments right there with her!
Amazed at "It's A Small World"..... at one point she did ask daddy if she could get out of the boat because she wanted to swim in the water. lol
Dave got to take her on all of the kiddie rollercoasters. And she LOVED it! She is a little adrenaline junkie, just like her momma and daddy! Those are her hands up in the air! haha
Kate and sweet Riley in front of the castle. This was a special day for Riley. It was her 3rd birthday, and we were so excited to get to share it with her!
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