Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our hands are full!

I think we may have our hands full! She is addicted to talking on the phone. She laughs and chatters non-stop to NOBODY!!!
And she somehow knows where the buttons are to take pictures....I always have to delete random pictures that she has taken!
This sweet and innocent face still seems to get in trouble quite a bit and needs to spend some time in "time-out"!
It's the cutest thing ever! I know I shouldn't say that, but she instantly behaves and sits perfectly still and quiet until I tell her it's okay to get up. And then she says "sorry" and gives me a kiss! It really melts my heart. And it seems to work a WHOLE lot better than spankings!
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Riley Kai said...

OK...1.Kates cowgirl outfit is the cutest thing I have ever seen!2.The timeout pic is priceless (and I need tips, Riley won't sit there to save my life!)3. I think Riley and Kate will make great phone buddies! The one thing that will always make her happy is pretend talking on the cell phone! Hope to see you guys again soon (and maybe this time we can do something fun!)