Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just a quick update from Chicago

Well, this is the first time I am posting with NO picture....It seems like a crime! haha. But Dave, Kate and I are all in Chicago visiting my family. Kate and I have been here since June 26th and Dave came up here on July 3rd. We will be leaving July 12th to go back to the ridiculous heat called TEXAS! We are soooo enjoying our time up here with the fam. The weather is absolutely perfect. It makes us want to live up here simply for that reason! Dave has gotten in some golfing while we've been here and he has become addicted to how much more pleasant it is to be outdoors in weather like Chicago.

Kate has been the center of attention, of course. She just turned 9 months old two days ago. A picture will be following once we're back home! She is soooo close to walking. She has been standing by herself for a few seconds while we've been here. My family can't believe how advanced she is in her motor and verbal skills. She looks like a little peanut, however, she is acting like she is a 1 year old. SO SAD!!! At least for momma! I guess I just can't keep her my baby forever! She loves to climb on anyything and everything. My mom is just spoiling her like rotten. I am a little scared to transition back home where it will be just her and me again. Kate loves playing with her older cousins: Hana (8yo), Hunter (7yo), and Heidi (2yo). The newest "trick" Kate has learned while we've been here is to KISS on demand!!! It is the cutest thing EVER!!! If you ask her for a kiss, she will lean into your mouth and plant a BIG, SLOPPY, WET lick/kiss!!! It makes me melt every time!!! She seems to be such a cuddler and tender-hearted little girl.

Anyways, once I get back to TEXAS, I will post some fun pictures of our trip to Chicago. I even had an old college roommate from Texas meet us up here in Chicago with her husband because they were in town for a wedding. It was soooo nice to see her again. And it was my first time meeting her wonderful husband and her first time meeting Kate. We had a really nice visit. Thanks Abigail!!!


Momma Bean said...

I cannot believe that 9 months have passed. Enjoy your trip. Cannot wait to see the photos.

Riley Kai said...

Can't wait for pics!...and ya'll can't leave Texas, we just got back here!!!Glad your having fun, be safe coming home!

Kathy said...

Glad to read you're having a good time with family -- can't wait to see some updated pictures when you get the updated...I think I'm having Kate withdrawal! ha!ha!ha!!!

Riley Kai said...

Thanks for the sweet comment about my mom. It did help her while we were there, but is making this wk really hard. I admire u for working w/children w/illnesses. As sad as it is to have my mom go through cancer, it just seems cruel and unfair to see all the little ones dealing with it! Can't wait to see ur pics from ur trip home!