Friday, October 19, 2007


Here is goofy daddy giving Kate her first bath. She doesn't really like bathtime very much. But a few days later, mommy and kate took a bath together and she loved it!!! She liked being completely submerged in the tub better (we had to wait until her umbilical cord fell off). She usually eats and falls fast asleep afterwards from screaming so much! haha.


Yvette said...

oh my goodness, she is precious and it looks like you and Dave are having the time of your life. keep us posted! love ya Yvette

Wade & Natalie Grubbs said...

T-lo and Dave,
Soooo cute. Wade does bathtime everynight after he gets home from work. It gives him time to see Lawson. I highly recommend it. ANd Tara, you look so good. I like your haircut. ANd little Kate, you have the best parents ever. I can't wait until you meet Lawson.